Training and Coaching Clients


"Healthy Communication training workshops have been a true asset to the health of my team. This training improved the culture and morale of my organization like never before. You can feel the difference in the atmosphere. Team members are happier, and working well together and the work performance has improved across the board. We went from getting things done by the skin on our teeth, to easing our way into wins with the collaboration of the entire team ... My employees had nothing but great things to say about the experience and were eager to have them come back for more training."
- Becca Bakre, Director, Baltimore Energy Challenge, Civic Works


"Healthy Communication has been very instrumental and beneficial to the clients here in the sense that they have learned the tools to make amends to their family and friends through role play, improved ways to relate, and a vocabulary to explore their needs. Through awareness and behavioral changes, they now know how to compliment someone and receive the gift of appreciation."
- Lawrence Ngashu, Case, Manager/Treatment Trainer, Maryland Center for Veterans Education and Training



B'MORE NVC practice group
Family Heart Camp-NVC based camp
MCVET (Md Center for Veterans Education and Training)
Civic Works
Friends School
UU Conference
Stillwater Mindfulness Practice Center
National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD
Nick's Place Drug Treatment Center
Quaker Conference
Hong Kong NVC Community
Adult Children of Alcoholics
Presbyterian Ministry and Leadership
Chiara Yoga Retreat, Bali
Bali International Intensive
Hong Kong NVC Community
India NVC Convention
Neuropsychiatry Clinic/Drug Treatment Center in Mumbai, India