I found myself scrolling through one of those celebrity articles with a young celeb and then an aged one. The title was “See how they have aged”.
I couldn’t stop looking, it was like a car accident that you rubber neck but worse because I couldn’t keep driving and look away.  So, I find myself scrolling through the “next” until I’ve exhausted at least 10 of the stars that I just “must” see.
Of course, they found the worst aged pic of each one they could find to then comment on how badly they have aged. I guess being a celeb and having money and fame automatically signs you up to be the brunt of people’s judgement.
I know I do it too in subtler ways. I get upset when stars have had so much face work done that they look 30 yrs younger and can’t make their eyebrows have an expression. I’m relieved when they’ve decided to age gracefully and look as the wrinkles take them.
Look at what happened to so and so…..Is what the article usually says. We learn so much from media from such a young age. And then we can’t live without it and knowing what did happen to so and so. And we often perpetuate the cycle of even thinking these judgments about others in our smaller circle of acquaintances. What if we all just let things be as they are and age as they will?