Robyn Jacobs

Engagement Life Coach

Together we can discover how to
make your life and relationships thrive.

My coaching style is strengths-based with a goal-focused perspective to help clients get in touch with their body, emotions and vision. I ask thoughtful questions to inspire shifts in perspective and assist in opening new doors for you. My communication style is to use empathic listening and compassion with a side of directness and radical action, while creating a space for exploration and insight into your inner and outer world. I often call upon creativity using art, music, movement, writing, and nature.

My Story

I integrate Engagement Life Coaching with Compassionate Communication & Mind-body approaches including mindfulness, nature, movement, humor, and creativity into my coaching with individuals and groups.

I am an ICF certified coach having graduated from an award-winning coach training program at Anne Arundel Community College. My body of work & study includes massage therapist, childcare Director/Teacher, nonprofit management, and oodles of personal and professional development study.

In my years as an entrepreneur, educator, and program coordinator, I have worked with a range of ages—from infants to adults, facilitating learning & transformational experiences that offer opportunities for growth, connection, and fun. I love guiding people to discover their passion and curiosity, care for the world around them, and encourage them to find a sense of empowerment and self-worth.

I weave my values of kindness, compassionate communication, healthy living, honest expression, playful connections, and creativity into my training and coaching.

a little more about me……

As a massage therapist for 12 years and trading massage regularly, I am now addicted to all things touch. The bodywork modalities included Swedish, deep tissue, rolfing, myofascial, shiatsu/acupressure, Trager, zero balancing, cranial sacral, chakra balancing, acupuncture, reiki, energy medicine, Somatic Experiencing, reflexology, Somatics, alexander technique, and Feldenkrais. There is nothing like another’s hands to guide your body and nervous system to more peace and ease.

Massage and touch is a metaphor for our relationships—the way we give and receive, patterns of holding on, allowing & letting go, experiencing quiet and softness, becoming aware of patterns, and experiencing ourselves as whole and accepted. If you decide to do Couples coaching, I can certainly share some tricks from my Couples massage curriculum.

Some interesting things about me

I founded Pet Tag Creations

Soon after I got Logan-he needed a cool pet tag so I set about creating a whole business around it. The colorful pet tags are crafted with polymer clay ( and we (Logan and I) displayed them at 75+ events a year including craft fairs, street fests, farmers markets and dog shows. I enjoyed meeting tons of folks and their dogs, including other crafters, and at times remember coaching people instead of selling my wares!

350+ jobs and consultant positions of varying shapes and sizes were part of my journey.

 I now refer to it as my body of work and research laboratory. It’s expanded my understanding of an enormous range of fields and experiences. Being a multipotentialite means I get excited about things and once the novelty wears off, I’m ready for the next adventure. Coaching has so many nuances and variety that I’m convinced I’ll never tire of it. 

Dance moves me!

My journey of loving movement started when I was 7 with ballet classes and continued through college with classes in modern and jazz. After college, there was dance class weekly with African, modern, and contact improvisation. Did I mention, dance moves me? Plus, then I have an excuse for my inability to sit still for long.

I’m an avid vegetable gardener with a few flowers thrown in.

I won 1st prize for 2 years in a row in Hampden’s Community Garden for artistry and production and was a gardening educator for Maryland Cooperative Extension to help communities grow food.

My dogs are the center of my world.

Bailey was my first dog love for 12 ½ years, now there’s Logan and Kali, 13 and 1 year. Logan is well travelled– florida 4 times by road trip including our wedding on Barefoot Beach (he dug sand the whole time and covered our stuff during the small ceremony), Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri for the 2017 solar eclipse, Chicago, Delaware beaches, Atlanta, Asheville, NC, SC camping and hundreds of local trails and hikes. Kali’s on her way….. Being able to experience the world through the eyes of dogs is incredible with their pure heart and love of adventure. We recently got an RV trailer to take the adventures even further.

I love kids and animals (besides dogs) and go out of my way to see horses often.

Since not having my own kids, I love having friend’s kids in my life and enjoy any outing or adventure that includes them. My inner child is happiest then and my inner adult can stay out of the way.

I taught 100’s of parents how to massage their babies as a certified infant massage instructor.

Watching the impact of parents bonding with their babies and getting them started on loving touch is the loveliest reward. 

I love learning about the brain and neuroscience

I get to see the impact coaching has for people to experience things from a different perspective and the changes that can occur from the many insights and new paths discovered. It’s fascinating to know that we can continue changing our brain’s neuroplasticity into old age.

Let’s discover today what’s possible for your life and relationships!

I’m excited to have the opportunity to assist you! I usually respond within 24 hours. I can also be reached at Please leave your phone number as sometimes email is mistyped or goes to spam and I want to be able to reach you.