Chris Hartstein

Chris is a certified coach, marriage educator and parenting facilitator. She has over 150 hours of training in Nonviolent Communication and is pursuing a recognized role in the NVC community. Chris facilitates the Baltimore area workshop/practice group on a regular basis and strives to bring a peaceful, accepting honesty everywhere she goes.

From the first time she used the nonviolent communication model during a high stress situation, Chris realized the potential it has to transform relationships and create peace.  She is profoundly grateful for finding NVC at a time when she needed help with her relationship with her teen daughter.

Chris recently wrote a children’s book and created a doll to share the simple concepts of NVC to children and their parents.  These can be found at

In addition to NVC, Chris uses Byron Katie’s method of inquiry, the wisdom of the 12-Steps, meditation and spiritual traditions to bring understanding to the human drama.

Chris has been happily married to Marc for 30 years. They have two sons and a daughter.