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Can you imagine what it would be like to be present while in conversations, with whole body awareness and calmness? “The more I sense myself, the more aware I become of you.” (Oren Sofer from, Say What You Mean.)

In this workshop based on Oren’s book, we intend to inspire you to move in this direction by sharing the elements of mindful communication. We will explore the following and provide an opportunity to practice:

  • awareness in our communication by paying attention to pausing, pacing, & choice points.
  • ways of being to create new possibilities of dialogue
  • being NVC vs. doing NVC.

This can differ from the typical NVC empathy exchange by adding an internal awareness factor that brings presence and self-awareness to the conversation. When paying attention to our own body we add to the experience. When we can notice how we are in relation to our listening & speaking, we become more authentic communicators.

  • What are YOU bringing to the presence you are aiming for?
  • How can we care for ourselves before opening our mouths and ears?

More Information

This event occurs monthly on the third Sunday to support Nonviolent Communication (NVC) understanding and practice.

We welcome new participants at any level. It’s fun when a ‘newbie’ comes and we, ‘newbies’ not so long ago, suddenly see that we’ve learned something important we can pass on, at the same time deepening our understanding of new contexts. If you're already skilled in NVC, we would enjoy sharing support and companionship.

Date and Time

Sun, December 20, 2020

1:00 PM – 3:00 PM ESTe


Come join Robyn Jacobs from Healthy Communication & Gina Simm, author of Heart to Heart: Three Systems for Staying Connected, A Manual for Parents and Teachers, to explore these questions and ideas!

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Online Event



An online gathering to support parents & children in promoting family harmony. 

Beginning on April 3rd & ongoing Fridays for the near future.

12pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern
Approximately 1 hour
For kids and their parents!

Learn with discussion & interactive exercises to:

  • Turn conflict into cooperation
  • See the needs behind every action
  • Create safety, trust & belonging
  • Model kindness, respect & self-care
  • Resolve family conflicts peacefully
  • Move from disconnection to connection

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Limit is 10 families
Free offering