For Couples & Families

Would you like to feel more understood by your partner? To experience a higher quality of connection? How would your home environment change if you and your family members could more clearly and respectively communicate needs and desires? Do you long for a better balance between responsibilities and pleasure? 

The communication habits developed during childhood become patterns that follow us into adulthood and affect our relationships and daily lives.

Healthy Communication’s coaches use a holistic approach to engage the entire family unit in developing new communication patterns and learn to:

  • Listen in a way that creates trust
  • Disagree harmoniously
  • Understand and support what matters to your partner and/or children
  • Manage togetherness and independence in effective ways
  • Find mutually beneficial strategies to run the household and manage mutual responsibilities
  • Nurture your children’s self-esteem and self-worth

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and other healthy communication strategies can assist families in creating dialogue and understanding during a conflict or to create family agreements. It is designed to inquire into what has happened and how you feel about it, determine which needs are unfulfilled in the connection and finally, communicate what you would like to see happen.

By learning NVC, families develop compassion, empathy for self and others, awareness of their own and others’ needs, and conflict resolution skills.

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