For The Workplace

The skills of Nonviolent Communication, also known as Compassionate Communication, will assist you in dealing with major blocks to communication such as demands, judgments, defensiveness, blame, and lack of listening skill. In CommunicationWorks trainings you will learn to express your thoughts and feelings without attacking. This will help minimize the likelihood of facing defensive reactions in others. The skills will help you express honestly and make clear requests. You will learn how to receive critical and hostile messages without taking them personally, giving in, or losing self-esteem. These skills will be useful with your family, friends, students, employees, supervisors, co-workers and clients. You will have the ability to navigate your own internal dialogues so you have more clarity and peace. This will empower you to make good choices in the ways you relate.

“Somebody who puts in the effort to make people feel heard, and who has an outlook towards problem solving. Often what that means, at least at first, is allowing people to vent a little bit, where they are able to voice their frustrations with each other but do it in a way that’s civil. You want a facilitator who has mastered that.”
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