​What do you talk about in coaching and what are some goals you want to tackle? Not knowing what to bring to the session is usually solved very quickly once given the space to be with a willing listener. The presence experienced in coaching, like therapy, is something that is a rare find in the world. Hopefully, one day it will be the mainstream and not the exception.

Your topic can be anything. Just as our body is interconnected and pain in your toe can affect your gait which affects other areas, a topic just as small can offer the space to wiggle some other perspectives and change some things. Let some go and bring others in. Like the vintage game where you have to move 1 letter or number to move the others where you want them.

One aspect of your life gets a renovation or reframe and slowly, like snow melting, more renovations come into place. Like a mountain in the distance where you can’t tell if it’s a cloud or a mountain until you move closer to it. Coaching helps by letting the air out of the float of your life and watching your limiting beliefs, saboteurs, and struggles wither away. Then, we bring in some strengths, core values, dabble in traits of positive psychology and mindfulness and fill you back up.

All that to say, pick anything for a starting place. Start at the top, behind, in front, on the inside, outside, bottom, surrounding field…..start where you are comfortable or uncomfortable, with the most impactful or the least. Start by stopping and waiting for a topic to come.

And then, just start.

What’s something that’s been jingling around in your mind that you’d like to take some action on or find some balance around? Reach out and let’s have a quick chat and see if coaching is a good fit for you.

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