How do you react when you receive a text message or other notification? Sometimes I find myself jumping a slight bit, it’s like a little jolt of energy. Not always in a good way, it can alarm me. Or I am excited to see what’s in store for me. It’s hard for me to ignore it and keep doing what I was doing. It calls to me, summons me to have a look. Where are you-my phone whispers-come look at me, see what I have here.

It’s easy to practice mindfulness when we are quiet with eyes closed or open, in the woods, or on the beach.
But how do we bring that with us into our daily moments.
Where do we set boundaries for the dings and pings of this current way of life.
How can this be a good thing and be used for good and not harm-harm to our nervous system and our connections with our self.
I hear this again and again from clients. I can’t stop, I can’t pause, I can’t relax…..all the while their gaze falls to the next thing calling their attention. It’s not our fault. We have to work hard to rise above the hooked nature of our devices, notifications and software programs that promise to give us more time. We are on the hamster wheel of time, productivity and action.
Most of us are on the path of do do do and what we need more of is don’t don’t don’t. Don’t leave our notifications on all day, don’t respond immediately to a text or message, don’t check our emails ceaselessly and any number of other ways the systems created to give us more time are now taking things from us.
Notice what happens in your body, mind and heart when the next message comes through. What were you thinking before that moment? What does it take away from you and what does it give you to keep on high alert and responding to it all?
What structures can you put in place to protect your boundaries of self, focus and peace?
Let me know what you come up with and how I can support you in following through with that plan. I’m always on the lookout for ways to be free of the pull of technology.