Our Process

Our mission is to foster compassion, collaboration and authentic connection in families, schools, organizations and businesses. We work with clients to customize workshops and coaching sessions that draw from nonviolent communication in conjunction with other modalities.

Workshops typically include exercises and facilitated discussions designed to empower participants to connect with their emotions, physical sensations and desires and to communicate transparently and authentically with each other.

Sample workshop topics include:

  • Beyond "good job", expressing appreciation fully
  • Parenting: Understanding requests and demands 
  • Building your listening muscle
  • Stepping into another's shoes--Resolving conflicts peacefully
  • Stop being nice and start being real
  • Connecting across differences-building bridges of understanding
  • Making powerful requests
  • Hearing the "yes" behind the "no"
  • and many more.......we can create a topic catered to your group!

Let's have a phone call or in-person to see how we can work with you! 


Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a language that includes speaking from your heart and being curious about what’s in other people’s hearts. When we pay attention to speaking and listening to what is observed, felt, needed and wanted, rather than on diagnosing and judging, we foster compassion, respect, and transformation of relationships.  What results is a whole new way to relate to ourselves and others.

It was developed by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg in the 1960s and continues to expand nationally and internationally through the Center for Nonviolent Communication and NVC Academy

Improv Games utilize playfulness, curiosity and movement to bring awareness to individual and group energy, create a safe and welcoming environment, and foster intimacy and vulnerability. 

Mindfulness practices are an opportunity to connect with emotions and physical sensations, reduce anxiety, increase focus, release judgements and develop intentionality.


Confidentiality. We aim to create a safe space where individuals can be vulnerable and transparent without fear of judgement, punishment or gossip. We request that personal stories shared within workshops remain confidential unless the speaker gives explicit permission otherwise. 

Self-empowerment. Workshop participants are at-choice at all times, meaning they are responsible for meeting their physical, mental and emotional needs throughout the session, providing self-care and determining whether or not to contribute to discussion or participate in a particular exercise. 

Authenticity. We strive to create an environment where participants can identify and share their hopes, desires, fears, judgements and struggles. Our facilitators aim to model authenticity by being aware of and expressing their own feelings and needs as they arise during sessions and encourage participants to do the same. 

Compassion. An attitude of compassion for self and others is at the core of what we do. Workshops and coaching sessions provide an opportunity to practice observation and empathy without evaluation, judgement or advice.