Our team

Fran Delahanty, Ph.D

Fran is a Certified Master Life Coach who has spent a lifetime promoting peace, healing and transformation.

She is Professor Emeritus from Pace University in Pleasantville, NY, where she taught psychology and peace studies for over 40 years. She met and trained with Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in 2003, and went  on to do 10 years of intensive training            in NVC...(read more)

Barbra Esher

Barbra, CNVC certified trainer, has accumulated over 1,000 hrs of training while traveling all over the world. Racism, addiction, and death have been her greatest teachers and are often requested topics for her seminars.
Barbra combines her life-long mindfulness practice with sharing Compassionate Communication (Nonviolent Communication-NVC). She .... (read more)

Chris Hartstein

Chris is a certified coach, marriage educator and parenting facilitator. She has over 300 hours of training in Nonviolent Communication and facilitates the Baltimore area workshop on a regular basis.

Chris recently wrote a children's book and created a doll to share the simple concepts of NVC to children and their parents.
These can be found at www.etsy.com/shop/AnInsideStory.
(read more)

Robyn Jacobs

Robyn brings a rich combination of experience to Healthy Communication with over 20 years in training, marketing, event planning, nonprofit programming, and entrepreneurship.

She has over 150 hours of training in Nonviolent Communication through NVC Academy, the New York Intensive and Capital NVC.  Robyn has worked with all ages—from youth to adults, facilitating learning experiences that offer opportunities for growth, connection and... (read more)

Mark Lindley

Mark has career experience in education and technology development and deployment. He has had extensive training and teaching of mindfulness, Nonviolent Communication and stress management skills.

 His current teaching experience is for discussion education, entrepreneurship and stress management for adults in prison schools in Maryland.... (read more)

Emily Shaughnessy

Emily is dedicated to improving relationship with others and self through compassionate communication, mindfulness and play.

She holds degrees in English and journalism from Eastern University and the University of Maryland, respectively, and graduated from the improvisational theater training program at The Hideout Theatre in Austin, Texas... (read more)

Eric Shaughnessy

Eric is passionate about personal growth and interpersonal development. He discovered Nonviolent Communication three years ago and has since been on an exciting transformational journey developing more authenticity and balance in all his relationships. As part of his evolution, he took a leap and left his career as a professional photographer and is now pursuing his dream of becoming a certified relationship coach.

Eric approaches his work from a core belief that every human has a fundamental desire for connection... (read more)