I received an email from an auto shop reminding me to get a tune-up for my car.

They shared that regular service can help you to stay safe on the road and avoid costly breakdowns.

This applies to many aspects of our life-the connections with others, work/life balance, fulfillment in our passion(s), connection with the natural world, spiritual meaning, and the health of our body and mind.

Checking in with your mechanic is important, as the email says….

That’s the truth about coaching and having a support person (“mechanic”) that is just for you, your family, or your team. Coaching helps you stay safe and avoid costly breakdowns.

We overlook the little things that wear down our tires, overexert our engine, dirty up our oil, lower our coolant, and wear out our spark plugs……until there is a breakdown. A sound, a clunk, a grinding to a halt.

Then we are baffled or surprised. Out of the blue, we are overwhelmed, out of balance, and experiencing conflict in our relationships. If we forget to tend to ourselves and our connections, we have costly breakdowns.

Coaching helps us set the stage for well-being in many aspects of our life, even if we just focus on one. We find the best path forward and through or around the obstacles that show up. We find ways to shine the light on what’s right and then we see more of that. We grow our capacity, resilience, patience, and passion.

In our coaching sessions, we decide what we want to grow, and with the life tune-up, relationship oil change, workplace tires rotated, and more, we take it on the road.

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