The proliferation of apps have taken over our world, we can’t go anywhere without checking in, checking out, becoming one with our apps, reaching for them, living through them.

Social media, which I think of as Separate media, separate meaning to cause to move apart.

I am pulled away from the moment when I reach for my phone. I reach for my phone to avoid boredom, to not have to focus on something challenging, to avoid the procrastination that plagues most of us, to entertain myself and get the dopamine hit that our phones and apps are created to do. We get hooked, and the companies that created and perpetuate this want us to get hooked. That way, we ultimately buy more which is, after all, the meaning of life, right? We move away from ourselves and our connections to the people who are directly in front of us and around us.

What are we seeking when we reach to post a pic and share on Social/separate media? Do we want acceptance, belonging, admiration, connection, respect, love, kudos? How many likes do we need before we feel these needs met? How many more do we need? When do we stop and pay attention to the vision in front of us, the pet in front of us, the human in front of us, the life surrounding and within us, instead of capturing it with a photo and posting it?

We are missing each other and feeling alone even when sitting in a group of people with everyone’s face angled downward to attempt to connect in some small way with folks in a 2D plane.

I want to yell at the people sitting around the table–“PAY ATTENTION TO EACH OTHER! Look into each other’s eyes, share from your heart and soul. You have each other right here. You can even show your friend a picture and talk about it together.”

What can we do to disengage from our phones so we are present to ourselves and each other?

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