I’m Robyn Jacobs

Wellbeing and  Communication Coach

NEWS FLASH! Coaching changes lives!

We thrive when we have the support of someone who sees the best in us and for us. I am a cheerleader, an intuitive guide, a questioner, a sight-seer for possibilities to a life that matches what you long for. I offer a way to help you reconnect with your body, emotions, and spirit and reconnect with a vision for your life. You have the capacity to find your own answers with the gentle nudging of our coaching relationship. We explore creatively using movement, music, mindfulness and nature based approaches. Experiencing deep questions, coaching activities, and goal setting, you will develop new mindsets, experiences, and tools to take you toward the life that you want.


Goals & Vision

We all have ways we sabotage ourselves and get in our own way of reaching our goals. Having a coach to offer accountability can make all the difference in prioritizing and achieving your goals. Either moving toward an action in your career, business, health, etc,…. or doing less and adding self-care & rest into your busy life. We decide together as a collaborative team the direction of your sessions and create ongoing efforts to move you towards your goals.

Relationship Coaching

When things are flowing with your relationships, life works better in a lot of areas. Conflict and disconnection with your loved ones is one of the hardest things to experience. Our coaching session will explore practices based in Positive Intelligence, Nonviolent Communication, Engagement Coaching, and all kinds of tricks I’ve picked up along the way!

Health & Wellbeing

Learning how to really care for yourself is the first step in caring for others and can include nature based experiences, mindfulness, self massage/energy work, movement/dance, breathing, creating and more. We explore together what will serve your mind, body and heart the best to live in this wonderful body and life of yours.

Team & group Coaching

Explore in your team or group a new way to relate to yourself and each other. Group coaching is a way to have shared resonance, connection, playfulness while learning from each other with the gentle support of a coach to guide you. 

How we can work together:

  • Experience coaching for yourself or for your couple, family, friends or colleagues.
  • Bring me in to your organization to coach on topics that are important for  the workplace or for individual employees 

What does coaching offer?

Discover tools to grow your capacity for meaningful connection with yourself, the Earth and each other.

As your tour guide, we discover together what moves you forward and what holds you back, how to communicate with compassion to yourself and others, how to trust your intuition and celebrate what’s going well. We explore how you can have more fulfillment, balance, harmony, and inspiration in your life and relationships.

Having a witness to hear you and reflect back is significant and helps your deepest insights really sink in. The questions and connections that emerge often touch deeply and allow change to occur during and between sessions.

When working with your Couple or family, the sessions will offer a space for everyone to honor themselves and the connections between each other with generosity, curiosity and compassion.

Being accountable to me as your coach, will help you stick with your commitments to practice new habits and ways of being.

Who Is coaching for?

ANYONE! Individuals, Couples, parents and young people ….. anyone wanting better communication, more well-being, clarity and ease in their life and relationships.

I welcome anyone of any age, gender, race, ability and however else a human can be characterized. Each individual or group will be treated with respect and care and anything shared will be held in confidence.

What is the process like?

We begin with an intro call to explore whether we are a good match to work together. Then, assuming we are, we decide together what works best for you, your Couple, family or team. While impact can be experienced after 1 session or class, it’s recommended to try a series of coaching sessions or classes to have the follow through and support that’s needed for real change. Plus, we get to know each other better and learn what works best to help your life thrive.

During the coaching session, we will explore your goals and visions and ways to care for yourself and family using a variety of different coaching methods and tools including nature based approaches, mindfulness, nonviolent communication, & embodiment practices.

For classes and trainings, we explore the needs and focus of your group and a program will be designed to meet those needs.

Call or email to learn about pricing options

including coaching packages


A Satisfied Couple

“The time my partner and I have invested in working with Robyn to improve communication between us has been more worthwhile than we could have imagined. Robyn works on us talking to each other directly and with compassion and civility. Her ability to treat each individual with respect and not to pass judgment ensures her clients are comfortable and transforms the time with her into a workshop that imparts important tools for navigating conflicts. She provides suggestions that are easy to implement and that are specific to the couple’s issues in order to improve relationships. When she feels she is not suited to address issues not in her area, she will openly acknowledge it and direct to you contacts better suited to the task. Robyn’s professionalism, thoroughness, insights, suggestions, and techniques are outstanding and we are fortunate to have her guidance. Thank you Robyn! We are beyond grateful for your help.”

Lawrence Ngashu

Case Manager/Treatment Trainer
Maryland Center for Veterans Education and Training

Healthy Communication has been very instrumental and beneficial to the clients here in the sense that they have learned the tools to make amends to their family and friends through role play, improved ways to relate, and a vocabulary to explore their needs. Through awareness and behavioral changes, they now know how to compliment someone and receive the gift of appreciation.”



Becca Bakre

Director, Baltimore Energy Challenge, Civic Works

“Healthy Communication training workshops have been a true asset to the health of my team. This training improved the culture and morale of my organization like never before. You can feel the difference in the atmosphere. Team members are happier, and working well together and the work performance has improved across the board. We went from getting things done by the skin on our teeth, to easing our way into wins with the collaboration of the entire team … My employees had nothing but great things to say about the experience and were eager to have them come back for more training.”

A grateful client

Just a quick note to thank you for the amazing results I’ve had so far from just two sessions with you. Thanks to your encouragement and the great writing, drawing, and visualisations you had me do, I’m getting somewhere with key goals.  Which I am VERY surprised by as I have been stuck on them for a long, long time.”

A friend in need

I was recently confronted by a difficult situation and I am so grateful to Robyn for helping me find the words & feelings and the best way to navigate successfully through it. I didn’t know how to communicate to a friend without sounding accusatory or hurting her feelings. I realized that it felt like I was rejecting her, and I didn’t want to open that potential door of misunderstanding through miscommunication. I’d been turning down my friend’s offers to come hang out for days, dreading the talk I needed to have, not knowing how to say what I needed to. When I coached with Robyn about it, she listened and offered some nonviolent communication tools I was missing. She instilled in me the confidence to have a talk with my friend in a compassionate, open, and respectful way. I called my friend the very next day and was relieved to find that she understood my position. Our conversation was one of warmth and concern, thanks to Robyn’s guidance. Her help saved a situation that could’ve easily caused a strained friendship.

Jessica Harding, LMSW

“Hi, I just wanted to share I was driving the other day, reflecting on 2021 and thinking how much has happened and shifted and opened. And I want to thank you for really helping me through a huge transition in my life. I really appreciate you and am so grateful you agreed to coach me!! You were a huge support. You helped me visualize and contact my inner sage and also name the saboteur who thankfully doesn’t feel as strong now as it once was. You also inspired me to take the coaching class! And I had a serious breakthrough moment about 2 months ago where I experienced what empowerment feels like in my body- I was triggered and emotional but I ended up coaching myself through the whole experience…exploring the feeling, what it reminded me of, etc etc and by the end recognizing my growth and making a life-serving choice.

Thank you thank you thank you “

Mary Smith

Website Developer and Environmental Advocate

“I came to coaching with Robyn feeling “stuck” in my habitual ways of doing things. Robyn provided insights on my approach to life, work, and communication based not only on what I said, but also on how I said it. This fresh perspective has provided both direction and motivation for making positive changes in my life.

Susan Fleischmann, LICSW

“As a trained therapist and having received therapy myself I wasn’t sure how coaching would compare. My experience with Robyn completely surpassed my expectations: Robyn attuned to the root of what I was struggling with in a highly experiential and holistic way. Her pacing and manner put me at ease immediately. Next, she began to slowly offer directions that had me relate to the original struggle in a new way. Her style was seamless, nuanced and effective. One of my favorite parts when she had us “land the plane” at the end of our time, eliciting from me one practical step to carry the awareness I built in our session into my life. I highly recommend her as a coach.

Robyn is a very professional, experienced coach with extensive communications background. I have worked with Robyn over the past few months to develop my leadership skills, and she provides the perfect space for me to reflect on my goals and the progress I have accomplished. She also shares experiences so I can relate better. Her sympathy and her warm personality make them easier for me to open up and share my struggles in a safe environment. I look forward to continuing working with her!

“I grew tremendously working with Robyn over the course of my program, in both my professional and personal life. Robyn and I immediately clicked, which was so important for me to feel comfortable sharing and opening up. I’ve become a more confident speaker through going through exercises with my coach to uncover what blocks me and practicing these skills at work. Robyn always encouraged me to be my best self and allowed me to see that I am capable of success. I couldn’t recommend this program enough!”–a GrowthSpace client 2023

“Robyn set clear objectives so I got the most I could from the coaching time we spent together. Robyn is an active listener and guided me through the exploration of myself with open questions, while leading me back on the path to the original goal we set together. Robyn is very constructive and supportive. I got all my objectives achieved before starting the coaching program with even more food for thought that I can take back to think for future objectives. I am very happy with Robyn as my coach and the design of the program.”

It has been wonderful working with Robyn. She helps me feel confident and asks the right questions to uncover what is blocking me. In three sessions I already feel like I’ve grown so much and am making progress towards the goals that I set out to. She is a great fit for me and very flexible with how we take our meetings like chatting on the phone while walking etc. I feel very comfortable and open sharing with her.

“Robyn was wonderful and tailored her coaching approach to focus both on personal and professional development “